Skripsi Jurusan Psikologi - Fakultas Pendidikan Psikologi UM, 2013

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The Effectiveness of Smart Snake-Ladder Game as a Stimulation of Children’s Moral Attitude Aspect in Taman Belajar PAUD Arema

Diah Rahmi Kusumawardani




Kusumawardani, Diah Rahmi. 2013. The Effectiveness of Smart Snake-Ladder Game as a Stimulation of Children’s Moral Attitude Aspect in Taman Belajar PAUD Arema. Minithesis, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Educational Psychology, State University of Malang. Advisor (I) Diyah Sulistiyorini, S.Psi., M.Psi, (II) Pravissi Shanti, S.Psi., M.Psi.


Keywords: Smart Snake-Ladder game, aspects of moral attitude


Moral development in early childhood is still in a low level. This is due to the intellectual development of the children have not yet reached the point where they can learn or apply the abstract principles of right or wrong. Children only learn how to act without knowing the reason. The role of parents influence the moral development of children. The role of parents can be seen from parenting parents in educating children. Parenting can lead to different attitude and different personality traits also vary in children. Play can help guide children's cognitive development, child language development, psychomotor development, and physical development. Playing experience will encourage children to be more creative. Ranging from the development of emotions, then leads to creativity socializing. Smart Snake-Ladder game is a game that was developed to stimulate the moral aspects of child development in the early childhood period. The game is adapted from the game “Ular dan Tangga”, but which became the pieces are the children themselves. Ordinances game like snakes and ladders game in general. It's just that the child later given question according to the number where they stands when it runs according to the number shown on the dice.

Experimental design of this research is a one-group pretest-posttest design, ie, using a sample of the treated group but without a comparison group or control group. Sample group used is the child who has a low level of moral attitude, which was measured before and after treatment on the subject. Measuring instrument in this research is Moral Attitude Scale. This scale has 26 valid item used as a pretest and posttest. Subjects in this research were 14 children Taman Belajar PAUD Arema which previously had to be screened by the researchers, the most diligent attend school.

Statistical analysis of the data obtained shows that statistically Smart Snake-Ladder effective to stimulate aspects of moral attitude with a significance level of 0.000. Factors that may affect the effectiveness of the Smart Snake-Ladder game to stimulate the developmental aspects of moral attitude, namely providing reinforcement, consistency reinforcement, reiteration, and removal punishment. Suggested to the next researcher to develop Smart Snake-Ladder can be used to stimulate the development of other aspects in addition to moral, namely cognitive, language, and psychomotor.