SKRIPSI Jurusan Bimbingan dan Konseling & Psikologi - Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan UM, 2010

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Profesionalisasi diri konselor pada SMA Negeri Se-Kota Malang





Puspitasari, Prininta. 2010. Self  Professionalization Counselor Efforts of Malang Senior High School. Thesis, Guidance Counseling and Psychological FIP State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Dr. Blasius Boli Lasan, M.Pd. (2) Drs. Harmiyanto


Keywords: Effort, Self Professionalization, Counselor


Professionalization counselor is a counselor in the process of trying to improve themselves. Counselor self-improvement is needed to assist counselors in providing services in a professional Guidance and Counseling. Professionals in the work required to give his best effort to get to the goal of the profession it self. Some phenomena in the field as reported in the print media and the phenomenon during follow PPL II activities in one school in Malang, indicating there is still a professional counselor who has not worked.

The purpose of this study is to: (1) Determine the efforts in improving professional counselor working on Malang senior high school

The research design used is descriptive research survey. The population is all the counselors who work in Malang senior high school. The research sample was 44 high school counselors Affairs. Sampling technique using saturated sample that was taking all of the total sample, because the sample size is small. Using a questionnaire scale professional training counselor. With scale always, often, sometimes, never. The analysis technique used is the percentage.

The results showed that 1) Many professional counselors, counselor quite professional enough, a little less professional counselor, 2) In the aspect of counselor effort in improving themselves in work, consisting of guidance material mastered quite a lot of professional counselors, counselor less professional. Managing service Guidance and Counseling many professional counselor, just a lot of counselors who are professional enough, some counselors are not professional. Implement administrative Guidance and Counseling few professional counselors, but many counselors are professional enough. Conducting cooperative relationships with other parties a little professional counselor, Very many counselors are professional enough, and a little less professional counselors. Understanding the research and interpretation Guidance and Counseling many professional counselors; The second aspect is the effort to improve ourselves in being a counselor. Applying a counselor attitude many counselors are on a professional classification, and applying a lot of personality counselor professional counselor

Based on the results of the study, the researchers suggest to the various parties: 1) Head Master: provide facilities to the counselor to further enhance skills in the work, 2) Counselor: should further enhance the knowledge and skills through training or education in-service training that can improve the quality of work 3) advanced researchers: should expand the study population to be known results of research on counselor self professionalization efforts in other cities.