SKRIPSI Jurusan Bimbingan dan Konseling & Psikologi - Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan UM, 2010

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Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kebiasaan Belajar Pada Siswa Frustrasi Terhadap Guru

Lusihana .




Lusihana. 2010. The Factors which Affect the Learning Habits of Students' Frustration to the Teachers. Thesis, Counseling Guidance and Psychology Department, FIP, Malang State University. Advisors: (I) Drs. Lutfi Fauzan, M.Pd. (II) Drs. Djoko Santoso.


Keywords: study habits, frustration, junior high school students


Nita (fictional) got frustration when she was in class VII. He hoped can follow the learning activities with happy and get high score. The hopes were not in line with the reality. In the learning process at school she had several obstacles. Her mathematics teacher could not explain the subject clearly, so that he could not understand the material. In addition, he had a weakness in memorization. This was continued, finally in eighth grade, he entered in the regular classroom and he was lazy in learning.

 This study aimed to: (1) understand the meaning of learning for the subject, (2) understand the habit of studying the subject, (3) understand the frustration by the subject and the tolerance frustration subject in the experienced frustration, (4) understand the common cause of experienced frustration by the subject , (5) finding new things in the research process.

 The research was qualitative research methods with the type of case study approach. This study used a single subject as the object of research. The researcher attended four times a week. The study was conducted at SMPN 1 Lumajang. Data collection procedure was the triangulation technique. Data analysis contained three phases which were the reduction of phenomenal, eiditis reduction, and reduction in transcendental. The validity data were checked using three types of triangulation which were triangulation of sources, techniques, and time. Research stages contained pre-field stage and phase of field work.

 The results showed that the meaning of learning for the subject was to get the things which have never obtained before. Learning was not only done by reading books in school. Her habits, when she was in VIII grade, were bad whether at school or home. Subjects experienced the frustration when she was in VII grade of two subjects which were Mathematics and IPS. Subjects could not tolerate her frustration by both. Common caused of frustration experienced by the subject, that was because from within and from outside the subject. Because of the deep, lack of the ability of the subject's memory and a sense of fear to ask the teacher about things which was not understood, while the cause of outside, the teacher's technique in teaching process was not clear. New things were not found in the research process. The conclusion of the study was the subject's frustration had an impact on study habits during the time in VII grade.

 Based on the results of the study, there were suggestions for doing next research with a same phenomenon, different background and multi-subject. In addition, recommendations were also made to find other factors which can affect learning habits in students' perceptions of frustration for teachers and students against teachers. It was suggested to make preparation of training packages to train the students with the aim to train students in managing their frustration well.