SKRIPSI Jurusan Bimbingan dan Konseling & Psikologi - Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan UM, 2009

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Evi Fitriah




Fitriah, Evi. 2009. Social Personal Packet Guidance to Improve The Student Acclimatization In SMA. Skripsi. Counseling Guidance and Psychology Departement Faculty Of Education State University Of Malang. Lecture: (1) Drs. Lutfi Fauzan,M.Pd. (II) Dr. Hj. Nur Hidayah, M.Pd.


Key words: guidance packet, social personal, adaptation


Students in Senior High have been center age adolescence and start to find out self identify. In this teen age happen change of physical or psychological. The change of physical sometimes make disadvantage at partly adolescent so this disadvantage make adolescent become less could to adaptation. Adolescent who have low acclimatization will do the thing which can disadvantages for their self, like imitate, played truant and collide with the rule of school. Concerned with acclimatization, conselor has duty to guidance the students in make their positive acclimatization ability. One of effort which can do with give guidance servive about acclimatization.

The purpose of this development is produce social personal packet development to improve the acclimatization the students in Senior High School Class X which in theoritical and practical manner can used by conselor in Senior High School as a media which give information about acclimatization. Development packet of social personal guidance to improve acclimatization adapt the steps of model development instructional Dick and Carey which consists of step (1) do need assesment, (2) arrange of guidance packet of acclimatization,(3) Experiment expert of BK and media expert, (4) revision from experiment expert of BK and media expert, (5)experiment candidat of consumer, (6) revision from the experiment result of consumer that is conselor.

The assessment do by expert of counseling guidance and expert media of learning. Data which get from qualitativeand quantitative data. Technique of collect data in this research is interview and questionnaire to assessment of experiment expert and candidat consumer. Technique of analysis data which used is technique of descriptive analysis mode central mainstream. Product which developed is Social Personal Packet Guidance To Improve Acclimatization The Student In Senior High School which consists of (1) hand book of acclimatization packet guidance to conselor, and (2) the material of social personal guidance for students, which consists of three cut-off that is: (1) basic concept of acclimatization, (2) acclimatization of adolescent, (3) adjusment in daily life.

The result of development shows valid level packet guidance of acclimatization at function aspect get 4 score (expert experiment and candidat of consumer) with the criteria is very useful. In practical aspoect get 3 score (expert experiment and candidat of consumer) with practical aspect.In accuracy aspect get 3 score ( expert experiment and candidat of consumer) with accuracy criteria. In conspicuousness aspect get 4 score (expert experiment and candidat of consumer) with interest criteria. The result of data analysis qualitative shows that there are some of packet components which must revision : (1) physical screen (size/ book dimension, colouring, lay-out for too formal), (2) cover design and icons in text book BPS had better refer to audience segment that is students, (3) colour screen which not too strong in acclimatization packet had better make more soft (4) text font in hand book cover to conselor had better formal (font calibri, arial or times new roman), (5) instruction to answer the quistionnaire must more clear so answer refer to questionnaire directly, (6) the wrong process of writing and language must refer to orthographic not contamination with javanese.

According the experiment result, so advise which given : (1) conselor as lecture must understand guidance of procedur and material to the students can get the purpose of guidance what they want, (2) conselor can add the other media to can make students interest in comprehend the material of acclimatization, (3) further to this research so need experiment the product to the target that is the student in order to know product earnings effectively.